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epost: galleri@kallastua.no

Telefon: 930 87 809 

Kallastuå - Art Gallery

We hope this home page gives you the inspiration to visit Kallastuå, the gallery of the late artist Kalla Skrøvseth.

Kalla was born in 1913 and grew up in poor conditions i Surnadal, Nordmøre. She showed interest in art in early age, and in 1930, only 17 years old she left Surnadal to study art in Oslo. This is what's characteristic about Kalla - she travelled a lot and was inspired about everything she experienced, and this way she developed her own form of art.

Kalla visitted California, Italy, Alaska, Mexico, New York and many other places.

Kallastuå - Direction: 2,3 km from Skei towards Tellesbø.

For further information and opening hours, please call or
send an e-mail to galleri@kallastua.no.